Mattress protection cover - 2 People

Dimension : 190 cm x 260 cm
Epaisseur : 80 microns
100% ECO : Recyclé et recyclable

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Description & Utilisation

2-person mattress protective covers - Pack your 190 cm x 260 cm mattresses safely and keep them clean during the move!

Us 2 person mattress protective covers are specially designed to offer you a professional and secure solution when moving of your mattresses. This mattress protective cover allowing you to wrap your mattress with ease and protect it from dust, humidity and dirt throughout transport.

Key features for your move:

  • Protection optimale : Us 2-person mattress protective covers ensure optimal protection against dust, humidity and dirt, thus preserving the hygiene and cleanliness of your large mattresses during moving.

  • Suitable size: Each cover is specially designed to accommodate a double mattress up to 190 cm x 260 cm, offering you a practical solution adjusted to your needs.

  • ECO and resistant plastic: Our protective covers are made of 100% ECO and durable plastic, providing a sturdy barrier against the outside elements to protect your mattresses during the move.

  • Versatile use: In addition to the move, our 2 person mattress protective covers are also ideal for the prolonged storage of your mattresses. You can use them during renovations, changing seasons or simply to protect your mattresses when you don't need them.

Why choose our double mattress protective covers for your move?

  • Reinforced protection: Thanks to their resistance to dirt and humidity, our 2-person mattress protective covers preserve the condition of your mattresses throughout the move or storage.

  • Confidence and peace of mind: With our double mattress protectors, you can move with confidence, knowing that your mattresses are optimally protected.

  • Versatility assured: In addition to moving, our protective covers are suitable for long-term use, giving you a versatile solution to preserve the quality of your mattresses from the test of time.

In short, our double mattress protective covers for mattresses up to 190 cm x 260 cm are a professional and convenient solution for packing and protecting your mattresses during moving. Opt for quality and safety for your large mattresses with our protective covers specially designed for easy and durable use. Maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your mattresses while simplifying your moving preparations thanks to our double mattress protective covers.

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