You are moving, you will have to pack, handle, transport and store all your belongings and furniture correctly in each of the rooms that make up your house.

From the smallest trinkets to the bulkiest furniture, ProBox has classified and selected the most appropriate moving boxes, supplies and accessories for you.
Here is our selection of packaging piece by piece, for a move well done, without breakage and above all without breaking the bank.
All our boxes and moving supplies are in stock and available in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy.



The kitchen is a living room on its own. And sometimes a real headache and it doesn't matter whether you live in a village or a big city, like Paris, Lyon or Marseille, the question remains the same: Between wine glasses, dishes, recipe books, chairs, appliances, how to pack well?
ProBox makes it easy for you by selecting the most appropriate moving supplies for you: Reinforced double-thick cardboard boxes, boxes with spacers for glasses, plates, bottles and many other essential moving supplies, such as the essential bubble wrap and the no less essential foam roller, which is particularly effective against scratches. Angles, corners and foam profiles are also part of the selection for the protection of fragile edges and edges of a table, for example. You will also find protective covers for chairs or the irreplaceable moving cover to protect against dishwasher, oven or fridge shocks, but always at unbeatable prices.
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A room not so easy to move!
Despite the absence of bulky furniture, the bathroom is equipped with fragile elements generally fixed to the wall or ceiling such as shelves, towel racks, medicine cabinets or mirrors, not to mention light fixtures and other small objects, bottles, samples or various containers, all as delicate as each other, which fill the drawers of this room with water.
ProBox, as with the other rooms in your home, has selected for you the most useful boxes, the most practical moving accessories and the most essential packing supplies for a successful bathroom move.
From linen cardboard to protective materials to pack your mirror, to a box with 24 cardboard compartments to pack your bottles, not to mention a complete selection of bubble wrap in different formats with bubble diameters of 10 mm and 30 mm. mm, foam rolls and professional kraft bubble wrap but always with the aim of offering useful moving items at unbeatable prices.
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No stress, between the library, the flat screen, the sofa, the wall canvases and all the decorative objects, we organize ourselves and we breathe!
For a successful and damage-free move, you must have the most essential packing supplies to protect your furniture and delicate goods.
The essential moving blanket to protect your surfaces but not only, that's why ProBox recommends strong boxes and moving supplies suitable for the living room or dining room.
Choose from our most appropriate moving items, sofa covers, bubble wrap for paintings, bubble wrap for cushioning and protection of fragile objects and goods.
Get strong boxes for your computer, very practical telescopic boxes to overpack your flat screen or a work, single-wall boxes to pack your DVDs or barrel boxes with glass or plate crossbars to empty a dresser.
Once equipped, with a dispenser in hand and adhesive tapes, you will pack your belongings, close your boxes and move your living room or dining room like a pro, without damaging anything and without breaking the bank.
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Don't dream, moving rooms is now!
Without a doubt, the bedrooms are the rooms that require the most attention, particularly in terms of hygiene, special care must be taken with the mattresses during a move, but not only that, you have to pack and shelter all your wardrobe and wardrobe cardboard is perfect for hanging up your suits, jackets, dresses, trousers or coats without the risk of going through the dry cleaners. Standard boxes will be useful for packing toys, sheets and computer or telescopic boxes, essential for safely packing your flat screens, computers and even the mirror.
In addition, you will find a large selection of bubble wrap to cover and secure your belongings inside the boxes. Bulkraft paper to package and identify your ice creams, paintings and fragile frames. Corners, profiles and shockproof corners for the edges of your sensitive goods and the essential moving cover for the protection of chests of drawers and cupboards, and always at unbeatable prices.
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The office to be moved is much more than just a business!
Find all the essential items recommended by Eco Carton to pack and move all the elements of your office in the best conditions: Crates and archive boxes, book boxes, standard boxes, computer boxes and telescopic boxes, very popular with movers for packing a board or flat screen.
All fragile surfaces of furniture, whether disassembled or not, must be protected against knocks and scratches. Moving blankets, bubble films, foam films, angles, corners or foam profiles will be perfect to avoid inconveniences linked to handling or transport. Choose from our wide range of boxes and moving supplies at unbeatable prices.
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The garage, the cellar or the attic, you have to pack everything from floor to ceiling!
Discover all the moving items, boxes, accessories and packing supplies recommended by ProBox to box, pack, protect and move all the elements of your garage in the best conditions: Bottle boxes, cubic or rectangular boxes in double corrugation, covers protection for lawnmowers, bicycles or barbecues and the essential moving cover to protect your washing machine, dryer or wine cellar from bumps and scratches.
In addition, you will find a very large selection of: Bubble wrap, foam rolls, angles, corners, pads and very effective foam profiles to protect the fragile edges and edges of your furniture and always at unbeatable prices.
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